Magazine “Parola e Storia”

Magazine “Parola e Storia”

Since 2007, “Parola e Storia” has been the magazine of the Institute for Religious Studies “San Lorenzo da Brindisi”, directed by Father Sebastiano Pinto.

In 2016, Katiuscia Di Rocco was nominated editorial director; when the Institute had to close in 2019, the magazine became the first means of the expression of the Archiepiscopal Public Library “Annibale De Leo”, the most ancient library in Salento. In this way, the library took the challenge to continue the efforts of the magazine with the awareness of the need to work on a vast cultural territory, delimited by the concepts of “Parola” (Word) and “Storia” (History), both with the capital letter. This is based on the certainty that the Incarnate Word has been producing for over 20 centuries that experience that also needs to be told.

The magazine has shed its skin, but it hasn’t changed its objectives and the fundamental editorial choice: it aims to be of service -just like it was before- to a larger audience than the Brindisi-Ostuni Archdiocese; with greater attention and new enthusiasm, it aims at history tout court, in Southern Italy and in particular here, in this land of Salento, so rich in ideas for research and reflection.

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