One of the primary objectives of the Archiepiscopal Public Library “Annibale De Leo” will be to “train the muscle of creativity” in students by promoting reading and the value of memory, thanks to two-hour-storytelling laboratories with the library personnel. Every meeting will end with an explorative moment in which the students will browse through the library books on their own, selecting the ones to borrow. For example, the library offers:

  • Paperless Thoughts, laboratory on genre literature.
  • To Remember Among the Pages, a path through original documents which stimulates the awareness of belonging to a territory: a path in real and unpublished history.
  • Little Citizens Grow Up, laboratories about participation and civil rights with selected readings; it is a way to discuss important values, and a starting point to understand that when a person’s right gets violated, so do the person’s feelings.
  • Let’s Pretend That…one of the library’s activities for elementary schools in Brindisi. It takes the children on a journey on the wings of their fantasy, throughout readings and multi sensorial stimuli.
  • Once Upon a Time…a Library. We tailor projects to the needs of the individual schools: with the teachers, we decide not only on the dates, but also on the topics and the activities to engage.
  • Let’s Play with the Books. It is a creative laboratory with paper to realize objects like paper sheets or notebooks.
  • Travelling with Hannibal. Laboratory on the birth of books, their production and distribution, and the people who create them (authors, illustrators, designers, editors, printers) and who take care of them (librarians and restores).

Teachers interested in the laboratories need to send a request via email, specifying the content and the preferred date for the laboratories, that will be scheduled according to the possibility of the library to welcome the participants.
The request needs to be submitted at least 20 days before the meeting.
The teachers will be contacted back directly by the library personnel.
Every meeting can welcome up to 20 students.

Request Information

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